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I have a bad habit of doing the opposite of what people tell me to do.

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I once had a drunk guy tell me I was too sexy to be shooting up at a party. He knocked the needle out of my hands and stepped on the pen, shattering the casing, telling me I should thank him by giving him my number and a kiss. It was my diabetes medicine.

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steal his look: back at it again at krispy kreme guy

gucci hooded sweatshirt ($1,058.02)

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Steal Her Look: Dancing Emoji

Marchesa silk gazar gown ($6,950)

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Idea for the next ac game:


no balloon furniture


Hi everyone I hope you’re having a good day and remember that Book 4 is going to destroy you (。◕ ‿ ◕。)


i can’t wait until i can afford my taste in clothes


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is no one going to talk about how miranda has been replaced with a random middle aged woman

if you knew anything about lizzie mcguire you would know that miranda is livin it up in Mexico City while Lizzie has an awesome adventure with Paolo and Isabella, while trying to avoid the evil wrath of Ms Ungermeyer, who is definitely not some “random middle aged woman”



that’s… kinda true


Do you ever ‘wtf white people’ even though you are a white people.